Smart Controls Monitor & Track Parts

Conveyors are the backbone of effective material handling. An automated finishing system can significantly reduce costs, drive throughput, increase productivity and even align with lean principles. Smart controls allow you to monitor and track your parts at any time, helping you to identify problem areas in your production line.

Production data allows you to pinpoint areas that are not running at complete efficiency, review recipes on the screen, such as Process Phase Times, Production Details, Parts List, Prime Stage-Trend (temperature & humidity), IR Stage Trend, Top Coat Stage Trend and Cure Stage Trend. If a recipe in your production list fails to meet the parameters of the recipe entered, smart controls flag it allowing you to select the carrier and review all of the data regarding that carrier throughout the system. You may also choose the Reporting option to print out a production report for review.

Additionally, smart controls along allow you to track individual parts to ensure that coating is applied to the specification of your customer.

With the addition of smart controls to your paint system, you can:

  • review production data to identify bottlenecks
  • ensure quality by reviewing environmental conditions (especially helpful for CARC process)
  • use recipes to ensure parts are processed accurately
  • review historical production and process data to compare shifts, schedule or employees
  • display work instructions at operator stations

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Albers animation

Liquid Coating 3D Animation

This liquid coating paint system is currently being installed for Albers Finishing & Solutions in Cheney, Kansas. 

friction-driven chainless conveyor

Chainless Conveyor

Our chainless conveyor is a unique alternative to power & free offering additional options and features traditional systems can't.

view system demo

Finishing System 3D Demo

A complete finishing system with smart controls that allows carriers to move independently in both speed and direction.

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View All Videos

The best way to understand the unique features an IntelliFinishing system offers is to view our complete set of videos.

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