Complete Finishing System - Automated

Why should you choose an IntelliFinishing complete finishing system?

Do you run a variety of types and sizes of parts through your powder coating or liquid coating system?

Does paint finishing create bottlenecks and batching issues in your manufacturing process?

IntelliFinishing is revolutionizing finishing systems for manufacturers due to its unique overhead conveyor system, smart controls and flexible design. Our advanced alternative to power and free chainless conveyor technology allows parts to move both forward and reverse within the system to maximize efficiency and minimize floor space. These, plus additional features offer:

  • line speed variability
  • load bar vs. batching
  • recipe-based coating 

How do the variable speeds work?

It’s the “brains” of the IntelliFinishing system that make it so flexible. The easy-to-use computer panel makes it a snap to change formulations and recipes, and run different sizes and shapes all on the same system. While the system is running, parts can move at variable speeds, forward and backward, and are not dependent on each other. One part needs to be in the washer longer? Another needs to be in the oven longer? No problem. The other components can keep moving through the system so you don’t have to slow down your whole operation to make specialized adjustments.

Is your system configured for your largest part instead of all of your parts’ needs?

With IntelliFinishing, part families and specific parts have recipes associated with them, allowing your automated finishing system to operate with maximum efficiency. With our system you are able to:

  • run dissimilar products back to back for “Lean” product flow
  • control each component of the system independently according to the part recipe
  • adjust component variables, like wash time, wash pressure, oven temperature, oven air turns and oven part time depending on the part recipe 

Plus, IntelliFinishing systems are designed to handle increases and decreases in your production line. Because of its smart controls and flexible design, you can install a small system today and when you need to expand, the IntelliFinishing system makes it easy to scale the system to meet the extra capacity. Need to run fewer parts? No problem. If your system is capable of running 100 parts, but you only need to paint 10, the IntelliFinishing system can run just the parts you need, efficiently and effectively. 

Would reducing chemical and energy usage help with your bottom line?

Smart controls in an IntelliFinishing system reduces chemical waste and energy usage. You can turn on parts of the system as opposed to turning on the whole system, which can save you up to 50% on resource usage. For example, the washer modules do not constantly run. If a smaller part only takes up one-third of the washer, then only that area operates. Plus, our washers have doors which open and close when a part enters and exits the wash treatment to reduce cross contamination. 

Would it be beneficial to free up 10%, 20% or even more than 30% of your current manufacturing floor space from process equipment?

  • our system is more compact and uses less building space to accomplish the same tasks
  • our advanced conveyor can move forward and reverse
  • our system is modular, scalable and re-deployable
  • additionally, the IntelliFinishing system installs in half the time of a traditional monument system.

What do you mean an IntelliFinishing system is ‘modular’?

The IntelliFinishing system comes in pieces that are set into place. There's no need to build the automated paint system from the ground up like old monument systems. Our system is designed so customers can relocate it if needed. Additionally, an IntelliFinishing system installs in half the time of a traditional monument system, getting customers up and running quickly.

What is the best way to understand the options that your friction-driven (advanced alternative to power and free) conveyor offers?

The best way to understand how the system works is to review the videos and animations

If you have additional questions or for more information please contact us.


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animation of paint line with variable speeds & stopping

Variable Speeds & Stopping

Part families can move at variable speeds (including stopping in a process) without affecting the rest of the line through the use of recipes.
Raytheon - Metal Fab Paint Line

Raytheon Liquid System

IntelliFinishing installed a complete paint system, with parts tracking & data logging, in a space where no other system would fit.
shuttle option saves floor space

Space Saving Shuttle

Unique shuttle capabilities and the chainless conveyor allow for up to a 40% reduction in floor space and tremendous layout flexibility.
view all videos

View All Videos

The best way to understand the unique features an IntelliFinishing system offers is to view our complete set of videos.
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