Endless Layout Possibilities for Complete Paint Systems

IntelliFinishing can provide layout options for powder coating and liquid coating no other industrial paint systems can provide. This is possible because we take full advantage of our chainless, friction-driven conveyor system's forward and backward ability. With our smart controls we can stop parts in a process for extra dwell time and move your load bars at variable speeds at any point in the system.

We've even installed an IntelliFinishing complete paint system in a facility where the customer was told no paint system would fit. 

Learn about three of our projects below:

  1. Industrial Fan Manufacturer
  2. Aerospace/Defense
  3. Construction Large Equipment Manufacturer

Project 1:  Industrial Fan Manufacturer

Carrier Weight:  3,500 lbs.
Type: Powder

This customer used a phased approach and took advantage of IntelliFinishing's Lean techniques.  

As production increased, the second and third phases were installed to increase capacity and to automate the wash process, while keeping the manual system for oversized parts. 

This system is flexible for changing processes and production volumes. Future expansion to point of use – from fabrication directly to finishing to shipping – reducing motion and transportation waste. 

Phase 1

Phased Project - Phase 1

Phase 2 

Phased Project - Phase 2

Phase 3

Phased Project - Phase 3

Project 2:  Aerospace/Defense

Carrier Weight:  750 lbs.
Type: Liquid

We designed this liquid paint system to fit an existing space. The customer did not wish to construct a new building and before discovering IntelliFinishing, they were told no paint system would fit. We were able to design a layout with a smaller footprint using deadheads into the washer to fit the customer’s existing space.

Customer specifications for this system included CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) routing and data tracking. The customer is using our smart controls for parts tracking and data logging. With these two features, employees can ensure all specifications are met throughout each process and can locate any part at any point in the paint system.

Additional benefits include a lift for safe loading and unloading of parts, reduced energy consumption and a quiet system – less than 75 decibels. The quieter system allowed this customer to remove 25 employees from a hearing conservation program. 


Layout with Small Footprint

Project 3:  Construction Large Equipment Manufacturer

Carrier Weight:  10,000 lbs.
Type: Liquid

This project required the constuction of a new building. By choosing IntelliFinishing for their new liquid paint finishing system, the new building was reduced from 40,400 st. ft. to 17,400 sq. ft. – a reduction of 43%. This reduction was achieved by eliminating the large bulb turns required by chain conveyors systems. Instead, IntelliFinishing uses shuttles to move parts, taking up a much smaller floorspace area than traditional paint systems. 

Layout Comparison

Layout Before Space Saving Shuttle       Layout After Space Saving Shuttle

Final Layout

Automated Paint System with Reduced Floor Space Usage

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