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Complete Powder Coating & Liquid Paint Systems

The IntelliFinishing complete finishing system’s unique design utilizes a friction-driven conveyor (advanced alternative to power and free) and modular, pre-fabricated equipment. When compared to traditional monument systems for powder coating or liquid coating, IntelliFinishing’s modular components result in a 30% smaller footprint and frequently an installation in half the time.

IntelliFinishing is inherently scalable and can adapt quickly to changes in your production or process. As different parts are introduced, new processes can be added with ease. And, as your production levels increase, new system components can be installed over a weekend.

Finally, we help you design a system that not only fits your unique process needs, but also fits your available space.

IntelliFinishing System Equipment:

IntelliFinishing System Layout Learn more about our Chainless Conveyor Learn more about our FANUC Robot Integration IntelliFInishing – The Only Lean Paint System Learn about our Liquid Paint & Powder Coating Booths Learn about our Energy Efficient Washers Learn about our Smart Controls Learn about our Insulated Ovens IntelliFinishing – Finishing Systems for Manufacturers IntelliFinishing – Finishing Systems for Manufacturers

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Complete Powder Coating System

Powder Coating System

Complete, automated powder coating system offering flexibility for a variety of part sizes, thicknesses and process times.
friction-driven chainless conveyor

Chainless Conveyor

Our chainless conveyor is a unique alternative to power & free offering additional options and features traditional systems can't provide.
Paint System Animation with Real System Footage

Complete Liquid System

Animation & real footage combined to highlight features only available on a completely automated IntelliFinishing system.
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View All Videos

The best way to understand the unique features an IntelliFinishing system offers is to view our complete set of videos.
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