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80% of Our Customers Say the IntelliFinishing Automated Finishing System is their Best-Kept Secret

Typically powder coating or wet paint finishing systems are seen as a necessary evil, but with IntelliFinishing you will be able to decrease your cost per part. In fact, 80% of our customer's say the IntelliFinishing automated finishing system is their best-kept secret.

Decrease Operating Costs

It's Lean

  • paint systems are usually not thought of as Lean but an IntelliFinishing automated paint system is – learn why here...

Right-Sized for Your Business

  • easily expand an IntelliFinishing system so no reason to over build when first planning your system – half of our customers have taken advantage of phased in layout designs
  • if business slows, there is no reason to skip hooks on a monorail or run empty carriers on a power and free system – our conveyor systems have no chain and each zone runs independently, only running when a carrier is present

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friction-driven chainless conveyor

Chainless Conveyor

Our chainless conveyor is a unique alternative to power & free offering additional options and features traditional systems can't provide.
animation of paint line with variable speeds & stopping

Variable Speeds & Stopping

Part families can move at variable speeds (including stopping in a process) without affecting the rest of the line through the use of recipes.
expandable floor plan

Expandable Floor Plan

IntelliFinishing automated finishing systems are inherently scalable to meet prodution and process needs.
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View All Videos

The best way to understand the unique features an IntelliFinishing system offers is to view our complete set of videos.
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