Complete Paint System with Variable Speeds plus Stopping without Affecting the Rest of the Line

An IntelliFinishing complete finishing system allows a part to move at variable speeds through the paint line. Some part recipes may be set to dwell in the wash process then stopped and released for inspection without affecting the line speed of other parts on the line. The animation also shows how some parts may route to a different process (IR oven) while other parts proceed down the standard path to the oven.

IntelliFinishing’s friction-drive conveyor allows for more compact layouts with 360 carrier movements and variable speeds throughout.  Our advanced controls track, monitor, and guide each part through its specific processes for higher quality and lean operation.

As the parts enter the washer, they are slowed down to achieve the desired dwell time in each stage.  Different part families can have different times based on the part recipe that follow the parts throughout the process.

Each stage is only turned on by the controls system when a part is present, reducing utility costs.

After washing, parts are manually blown down to remove water before paint.  Stack lights provide the operator with a pre-determined countdown for the time they have remaining before the part moves on.

Stopping the carrier in the paint booth allows the operator to safely apply the correct coating without worrying about line speed.  Once finished, carriers can proceed to the next process at a higher speed to close line gaps.

Carriers are directed to the appropriate curing process based on part recipe.  Some parts in this system go through infrared and some do not.

Parts can slow down through the curing oven or stop and index forward for longer cure times.

Automated lifts can be used for ergonomic loading of parts or elevation changes within a system, and are available on all of our conveyor types.

For more information on the IntelliFinishing Systems or for a personal demonstration call 888-886-6363 or 785-309-0356.

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