Deadheads Provide Options in a Complete Paint System 

The chainless conveyor used in an IntelliFinishing complete automated powder coating or wet paint system allows the conveyor to move forward and reverse. This allows for the use of deadheads which are similar to a u-turns. In a deadhead the carrier doesn't actually make a turn; instead it reverses to move in the opposite direction allowing for options traditional conveyors can't provide including:

  • nearly unlimited layout options
  • smaller turns
  • system expansion to point of use

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Example of a Deadhead on an IntelliFinishing System 

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spur capabilities on a complete finishing system

Spur Capabilities

Spurs are easily incorporated into an IntelliFinishing system and can be used for masking, loading and unloading or inspection areas.
shuttle option saves floor space

Space Saving Shuttle

Unique shuttle capabilities and the chainless conveyor allow for up to a 40% reduction in floor space and tremendous layout flexibility.
Raytheon - Metal Fab Paint Line

Raytheon Liquid System

IntelliFinishing installed a complete paint system, with parts tracking & data logging, in a space where no other system would fit.
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View All Videos

The best way to understand the unique features an IntelliFinishing system offers is to view our complete set of videos.
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