Dry Off & Cure Ovens

We install the most energy efficient ovens in the industry, saving as much as 49% in energy costs over non-insulated units. Our ovens incorporate modular designs. No tongue-in-groove panels to be built on your shop floor. They come in completely modular sections, ready to bolt together enabling quick installation. There is no metal-to-metal contact throughout the oven, eliminating unnecessary heat loss through the oven walls.

IntelliFinishing oven modules offer variations in curing duration, temperatures and infrared intensities that can be programmed for different part families. The unique conveyor capabilities allow larger, longer-curing parts to be routed to a spur for re-sequencing. The same as the other modules, the oven does not constantly run. It is only on when there are parts present otherwise it remains off - saving money and energy.


Modular Oven Installation    Split Top Powder Coating Cure Oven    Double Lane Powder Coating Oven


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Oven Installation at Albers Finishing & Solutions 

Complete Powder Coating System

Powder Coating System

Complete, automated powder coating system offering flexibility for a variety of part sizes, thicknesses and process times.
oven features

Oven Features

IntelliFInishing ovens are the most efficient in the industry plus they provide ultimate flexibility in your complete paint system.
automated paint system as seen at trade shows

System Demo

This demo conveyor displays the features of a chainless IntelliFinishing automated finishing system.
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View All Videos

The best way to understand the unique features an IntelliFinishing system offers is to view our complete set of videos.
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