Complete Finishing Systems for Liquid Coating & Powder Coating

IntelliFinishing provides automated complete finishing systems that are modular with a friction-driven overhead conveyor (advanced alternative to power and free) and smart control technology, which allows individual sections of the conveyor to move independently in both speed and direction (including reverse) throughout the entire system. This allows each process area – wash, liquid paint, powder coating, cure or delivery – to act independent of the rest of the system for the ultimate system flexibility to obtain the highest quality and throughput.

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Complete Powder Coating System

Powder Coating System

Complete, automated powder coating system offering flexibility for a variety of part sizes, thicknesses and process times.
chainless conveyor motion

Chainless Conveyor Motion

Our chainless, friction-driven conveyor propels the carrier with a spinning drive tube and easily moves in forward and reverse.
Paint System Animation with Real System Footage

Complete Liquid System

Animation & real footage combined to highlight features only available on a completely automated IntelliFinishing system.
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View All Videos

The best way to understand the unique features an IntelliFinishing system offers is to view our complete set of videos.

Powder Paint Lines and Liquid Coating Lines for Industrial Manufacturers

IntelliFinishing is the first of its kind to introduce lean thinking into the finishing process. The system’s unique design utilizes a revolutionary conveyance backbone and modular prefabricated components at every turn. When compared to traditional monument systems, IntelliFinishing’s modular components result in a 30% smaller footprint and installation in half the time. 

IntelliFinishing is inherently scalable and can adapt quickly to changes in your production or process. As different parts are introduced, new applications can be added with ease. As your production levels increase, new system components can be installed over a weekend. And finally, we can help you design a system that not only fits your unique process needs but fits your available space. 

Producing the highest finish quality while achieving revolutionary efficiencies, starts with the most intelligent controls on the market. IntelliFinishing’s smart controls allow you to input recipes with the unique application requirements for each part family. As different parts are loaded onto the system, each recipe dictates process changes throughout the system, on the fly. Built-in part data tracking provides onsite or offsite monitoring of system accuracy for product validation.

Automated Powder Coating Paint Systems

Running different parts through your finishing system often dictates variations in your pretreatment process. IntelliFinishing’s washer modules can be programmed to accommodate variations in wash time, wash pressure and chemical processes. In this wash zone, a larger part receives 30 pounds of pressure for 90 seconds while the smaller part behind it will receive only 20 pounds of pressure.

To reduce waste and energy consumption, IntelliFinishing’s modular washers contain separate wash sections that can be programmed independently. When washing smaller parts turn on only the section you need and save money with every part you run. You’ll also reduce chemical usage with IntelliFinishing’s washer doors that minimize cross contamination. 

Another game changing feature of the IntelliFinishing system is our conveyance technology which allows parts to move both forward and backward, throughout the system. This innovative feature provides the ultimate flexibility to maximize the efficiency of your system components and your available floor space.

Just as the system’s intelligent controls allow variability in the pretreatment process, IntelliFinishing also offers variations in curing duration, temperatures and infrared intensities between part families. As parts enter the cure oven the IR intensity adjusts based on the requirements of each part’s recipe.

Once parts have cooled, the load bars enter a loading and unloading area. While smaller parts can be manually loaded and unloaded, load bars containing larger parts have the option to enter a lift area. This area will raise and lower the load bar allowing for the efficient, safe and ergonomically correct loading and unloading of large, heavy parts.

For more information on the IntelliFinishing Systems please call us at 888-886-6363.

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