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An IntelliFinishing paint system for manufacturers includes smart controls which allow you to input recipes with the unique application requirements for each part family. This incorporates ERP integration and product scheduling which allows operators to load parts quickly. As different parts are loaded onto the industrial paint system, each recipe dictates process changes throughout and the system can quickly adapt. Built-in part data tracking provides onsite or offsite monitoring of system accuracy for product validation.

Running different parts through your powder coating system or liquid coating system often dictates variations in your pretreatment process. IntelliFinishing’s washer module can be programmed to accommodate variations in wash time, wash pressure and chemical processes. Our complete finishing system also allows your processes to be pre-programmed (recipes) for incoming parts and helps you lean your production (reduce waiting waste).

This video shows a wash zone with a larger part which receives thirty pounds of pressure for ninety seconds. The smaller part behind it will receive only twenty pounds of pressure. To reduce waste and energy consumption, IntelliFinishing’s modular washers contain separate wash sections that can be programmed independently. When washing smaller parts turn on only the section you need and save money with every part you run. You’ll also reduce chemical usage with IntelliFinishing’s washer doors that minimize cross contamination. 

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Variable Line Speed through Shot Blast

Variable Line Speed

IntelliFinishing Paint Systems have multiple drives allowing different sections of the system to be designed with variable speeds.
chainless conveyor motion

Chainless Conveyor Motion

Our chainless, friction-driven conveyor propels the carrier with a spinning drive tube and easily moves in forward and reverse.
Complete Powder Coating System

Powder Coating System

Complete, automated powder coating system offering flexibility for a variety of part sizes, thicknesses and process times.
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View All Videos

The best way to understand the unique features an IntelliFinishing system offers is to view our complete set of videos.
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