Recipe History 

If you paint or powder coat a variety of parts, recipe history ensures consistency. With recipes, operators process parts in a consistent manner.

In this video, our customer explains how they are able to ensure consistency by searching for a past work order, part number, or color to use the same recipe that was used the last time the order was processed.

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Part Recipe & Smart Controls

Part Recipes

Part recipes and smart controls allow you to customize process times, including wash and cure, for individual load bars.
Plant Visibility from HMI

Plant Visibility from HMI

The smart controls included with an IntelliFinishing automated finishing system give you entire plant visibility at your fingertips.
Variable Line Speed through Shot Blast

Variable Line Speed

IntelliFinishing Paint Systems have multiple drives allowing different sections of the system to be designed with variable speeds.
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View All Videos

The best way to understand the unique features an IntelliFinishing system offers is to view our complete set of videos.
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