Virtual 360 Powder CoatingĀ 

Grab your VR glasses and click the button below to take a Virtual 3D tour of our state-of-the-art, chainless powder coating system. If you don't have virtual reality glasses, request a pair here. Make sure to put VR glasses and your address in the "Question or Comment" section and we'll send them to you.

Virtual 360 Tour

Or watch the desktop version below.

Desktop Virtual 360 Powder Coating System Tour

Complete Powder Coating System Installed for Custom Fabricator

This custom fabricator powder coats parts of varying sizes, weights and substrates. The IntelliFinshing system offers the following benefits:

  • Conveyor path spurs to optional shot blast
  • Process washer with rinse multiple options
  • Clean room for powder coating
  • Dual lane split-top cure ovenĀ for variable cure times
  • Automation and unique conveyor with easy to use controls

Learn more about these benefits and how they can help your facility here.

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Complete Powder Coating System

Powder Coating System

Complete, automated powder coating system offering flexibility for a variety of part sizes, thicknesses and process times.
chainless conveyor motion

Chainless Conveyor Motion

Our chainless, friction-driven conveyor propels the carrier with a spinning drive tube and easily moves in forward and reverse.
Paint System Animation with Real System Footage

Complete Liquid System

Animation & real footage combined to highlight features only available on a completely automated IntelliFinishing system.
view all videos

View All Videos

The best way to understand the unique features an IntelliFinishing system offers is to view our complete set of videos.
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