What is IntelliFinishing?

It's the last paint finishing system you'll ever need. Unlike traditional monument-type systems, IntelliFinishing:

  1. Decreases required floor space by 40%
  2. Integrates flexibility into your lean environment
  3. Allows you to right-size your finishing system

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Designed to be Different

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Welcome to IntelliFinishing

Our vision materialized from more than 80 years combined experience in paint finishing and coating systems across multiple industries, working with some of the biggest names in the business. We have created finishing systems that use revolutionary modular conveyance allowing for maximum control, quality and efficiency. This innovative conveyance technology differs from other conveyors - like power and free or monorail conveyors - by allowing load bars to move independently, both forward and backward, with individual speed control for each section. Each process area is designed to act independently for maximum flexibility and quality output while saving valuable floor space.

Our automated paint systems include all aspects of the finishing and coating process including conveyance, washers, ovens, controls, powder booths and liquid coating booths, platforms and more.

Our systems also include smart controls, allowing for review of environmental conditions and production data for identifying bottlenecks and a recipe feature for proper processing. Users may review historical production and process data to compare schedules, shifts, employees or to display work conditions at operator stations. Smart controls give you full system control at your fingertips and remotely.

IntelliFinishing systems are scalable and able to adapt to production changes, process changes or lean manufacturing layouts. Most new system components can be installed in as quickly as a few days. Our revolutionary systems can also save you up to 40% in floor space while maximizing your production line and reducing chemical waste. Due to our independent modular design, our systems allow for individual pieces of equipment to be turned on and off rather than the entire system, saving on energy usage and costs.

We can evaluate your finishing needs and provide the right-size system for your production level.

Revolutionize your business with our innovative system and unbeatable smart technology.