Understanding the IntelliFinishing System

The best way to understand how an IntelliFinishing automated complete finishing system works by viewing our videos, 3D animations, examples and more. The same benefits and features apply to both powder coating and wet paint systems. 

IntelliFinishing 3D System Animation

Finishing System Overview

chainless conveyor motion

Chainless Conveyor Motion

Complete Powder Coating System

Powder Coating System

custom lift solution

Custom Lift

Complete Systems

View the benefits and features of an IntelliFinishing system through these 3D animations and live footage videos.

360 Video Tour

360 Video Tour

Paint System Animation with Real System Footage

Complete Liquid System

animation of paint line with variable speeds & stopping

Variable Speeds & Stopping

Raytheon - Metal Fab Paint Line

Raytheon Liquid System

Pathfinder - Complete Finishing System $1.5M

Complete System – $1.5M

3D animation of liquid coating system

Liquid Coating 3D Animation

complete powder coating system construction site tour

Construction Site Tour

time lapse installation

Time Lapse Installation


Any of the components featured in these videos can be added to an IntelliFinishing powder coating or wet paint system. 

Variable Line Speed through Shot Blast

Variable Line Speed

Part Recipe & Smart Controls

Part Recipes

Recipe History

Recipe History

Plant Visibility from HMI

Plant Visibility from HMI

oven features

Oven Features

IntelliFinishing is a FANUC Robot Integrator

FANUC Robot Integrator

expandable floor plan

Expandable Floor Plan

spur capabilities on a complete finishing system

Deadhead Capabilities

shuttle option saves floor space

Space Saving Shuttle

friction-driven chainless conveyor

Chainless Conveyor

spur capabilities on a complete finishing system

Spur Capabilities

accommodate variations in wash time, pressure and chemical process

Extra Process Time

stop parts without affecting the rest of the finishing line

Stopping of Parts

lift for loading/unloading on a complete paint system

Lift for Load/Unload

Lift for safe & ergonomic loading of heavy parts

Lift for Heavy/Large Parts

smart controls monitor & track parts

Parts Tracking


Listen to podcast discussions about the benefits and features of installing an IntelliFinishing complete automated finishing system.

Flexible Finishing

Flexible Finishing

Conveyor Evolution

Conveyor Evolution

Maintenance & Installation

An IntelliFinishing system requires less maintenance and installed in half the time of traditional power and free or monorail conveyors. 

preventive conveyor maintenance

Conveyor Maintenance

time lapse installation

Time Lapse Installation

modular ovens install quickly

Modular Oven Installation

complete powder coating system construction site tour

Construction Site Tour

Additional Information

porcelain spray test

Porcelain Spray Test

part sway on traditional monorail conveyor

Part Sway on Monorail

12 Days of Christmas IntelliFinishing Style

12 Days of Christmas

automated paint system as seen at trade shows

System Demo

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