IntelliFinishing – "Providing the Customized System We Need"

Prince Manufacturing specializes in hydraulic cylinders and valves.

IntelliFinishing automated their painting process with a recipe based liquid coating system.

“We have confidence when a product is hung on the line that it will go through and get an excellent paint job.” Dan Gray, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Prince Manufacturing Corporation

The IntelliFinishing paint system is recipe driven allowing every part to automatically get the required process time required per carrier.  

IntelliFinishing synchronized the paint system with Prince paint reciprocators providing an excellent paint job to every part. 

“IntelliFinishing helped us through it all. They worked with us from start to finish. The communication was great!” Kevin Kathol, Manufacturing Engineering Technician, Prince Manufacturing Corporation

“They allowed us to have the customized system we needed to paint our product well. We couldn’t have done it without IntelliFinishing.” Dan Gray, Manufacturing Engineering Technician, Prince Manufacturing Corporation

Interested in an exceedingly flexible, less costly to operate automated finishing system with proven technology? 

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Testimonial - Exceeds Expectations

Exceeds Expectations

Testimonial - Extremely Satisfied

Extremely Satisfied

Boost Flexibility & Quality with the Proven Technology of IntelliFinishing

Boost Flexibility & Quality

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