Completely Flexible & Customizable Automated Finishing System

VIDEO: Completely Flexible & Customizable Automated Finishing System

Video: Seven Years Later, Business Is Great and No Downtime

VIDEO: Seven Years Later, Business Is Great and No Downtime

VIDEO: Highly Automated Finishing System

VIDEO: Highly Automated Finishing System

IntelliFinishing Origin Story

VIDEO: The IntelliFinishing Story – Learn How It All Started

IntelliFinishing – Origin Story

The IntelliFinishing Story

Simulation Capabilities

Simulation Capabilities

Albers Finishing & Solutions 7 Years after Installation - Virtually No Downtime

Virtually No Downtime

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NATM 20-24

National Assoc of Trailer Mfrs 2024
February 13-15, 2024
Las Vegas, NV

Powder Coating Week

Powder Coating Week 2024
March 11-13
Orlando, FL


FABTECH 2024 (date & location change)
October 15-17
Orlando, FL

IntelliFinishing Simulation

IntelliFinishing Simulations

Optimizing Throughput for Large Finishing Systems

IntelliFinishing Origin Story

The IntelliFinishing Story – IntelliFinishing got it's start by solving a problem for Caterpillar

Maximize Part Desntiy

Stop Chasing the Chain and Maxmize Part Density with an IntelliFinishing System

Coating Systems

Coating Systems
Powder coating or liquid paint – same great benefits and advantages.

Friction-driven Conveyor

Conveyor System
Friction-driven (no chain) overhead conveyor moves forward and reverse. 

Energy efficient Dry-Off and Cure Ovens

Dry-Off & Cure Ovens
We install the most energy efficient ovens in the industry. 


What is IntelliFinishing?

IntelliFinishing is a complete, flexible, conveyorized finishing system (powder coating and liquid paint) provider for manufacturers and custom coaters. Our key differences include the ability to move carriers both forward and backward and our own smart controls technology. Combined, this allows individual sections of the conveyor to move independently, in both speed and direction, throughout the entire system – meaning you can vary the recipe per carrier to process a much wider range of parts. Plus, the friction-driven conveyor decreases the amount of floor space required allowing us to design a system to your specific process requirements.

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Paint System Layout - Endless Options

Endless Layout Possibilities

For your powder coating or liquid paint system IntelliFinishing provides layouts that take advantage of the forward and reverse capabilities of the conveyor along with recipe-based smart controls.

Instead of being stuck with a traditional loop conveyor, we can arrange your system’s components and your process stations to maximize resources, i.e. floorspace, operators, equipment size.

Our system designers work with you to provide layout options you might not even know are possible.

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