Complete Automated Powder Coating System Pricing

Each turnkey finishing system is designed and built to your specifications.

Factors that determine cost include (but aren't limited to): 

  • part weight
  • part size
  • process – multiple coat, masking, etc.
  • pretreatment process – number of stages, temperature of the individual stages, chemistry, etc
  • cure time
  • production rate

The following system is a 3-stage wash, powder finishing system running 12 carriers per hour – we call it the Pathfinder. 


The Pathfinder Starting at $1.5M

The Pathfinder is a powder coating system we developed to answer a common question, “What’s the minimum IntelliFinishing powder system I can purchase yet still get the utmost in flexibility?”

This system is designed for a relatively tight footprint configuration at under 10,000 square feet. It includes multiple load and unload stations, a 3-stage wash, a multi-lane cure oven, and complete automation including recipe-based process control per carrier. 

The key feature, as with all IntelliFinishing systems, is a recipe-driven HMI operational system. This ties the individual sections and process equipment into a single system to provide you with the ultimate in part processing flexibility. Because IntelliFinishing uses a friction-driven tube conveyor, instead of a chain, carriers can stop, index, reverse direction, oscillate, slow down, speed up, etc. The movement through the system is controlled by the easy-to-use but sophisticated recipe control software.

This system also includes a dual-lane cure oven to allow faster curing parts to move past slower curing items, increasing quality and total throughput. As priced, the Pathfinder does not include the paint booth – but it is compatible with all major booth suppliers. 

The designed part window is 8’L x 4’H x 3’W with the ability to hold up to 800 lbs. per loadbar. This gives plenty of room to hang a number of parts per carrier from large chassis to small widgets or sheet metal parts!

The Pathfinder system fits in a space that is about 110’ x 80’ or 8,800 square feet. It can be customized in many ways to fit other footprints and processes (to be custom quoted).

With the Pathfinder you will have amazing flexibility throughout the system, from your current processes to any future expansion thanks to our scalability, allowing you to make changes as your product, process and finish needs change.

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Pathfinder Layout



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Chainless Conveyor

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Variable Speeds & Stopping

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Oven Features

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