Midwest Coating Seminar

Annual Midwest Coating Seminar
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IntelliFinishing will host it’s annual Midwest Coating Seminar Friday, August 28, 2015 in Wichita, KS. Click the subscribe button above to have information sent directly to you or check back soon for more details on this informative event.



IntelliFinishing hosted the 2014 Midwest Coating Seminar in August at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Tulsa, Oklahoma. We had a great time (didn't lose much money) and learned a great deal from Kevin Biller of The Powder Coating Research Group and Mike Dilday of Fanuc America Corporation. Many companies from a variety of industries including:   aerospace, oil and gas, custom coaters, custom fabricators, construction equipment and ag equipment manufacturers, were present.

The day started with an introduction by IntelliFinishing's vice president, Doug Olipant. Doug explained that the purpose of the annual Midwest Coating Seminar is to bring in subject matter experts to the Midwest, Doug said, "We travel to trade shows and conferences every year and recognize that our own manufacturing region of the country does not have many of these opportunities to learn about the latest in the powder coating and liquid coating industry. So we bring them in to share their knowledge with our staff and others."

With all of the recent innovations with powder coating and robots used in the finishing industry, we provided a 10-minute introduction to the flexibility that an IntelliFinishing system has to offer. Process changes and product changes are easily adapted with our unique friction conveyor (power and free alternative) and smart controls with recipes for your variety of parts. 

A video from an active powder coating system job site was also provided, www.intellifinishing.com/construction. Kevin Howe, IntelliFinishing's project manager gave a brief tour of the progress and discussed how the customer was implementing the project in phases. The first phase features some manual pull sections, with most of the system automated. A second phase will later be implemented with more automation and the addition of an automated wash system as their production increases. Since our conveyor has no chain, additions and modifications can be accomplished without affecting production.

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August 2014 Speakers:  

Kevin Biller - a.k.a Joe Powder

The Powder Coating Research Group


Joe Powder

  • An Introduction into Powder Coatings Materials and Performance
Powder coating technology will be introduced from a historical, market and technical perspective. Chemical types will be explained and postioned as to how their performance ranks per the general requirements of UV durability, chemical resistance and film mechanical properties.

  • Changing the Way You Finish: Recent Innovations in Powder Coating Technology
The second half of the presentation will take you on a journey of where powder coating technology is emerging. Particular focus will be on how the evolution of non-traditional substrates are spawning new chemistries and processes to deliver powder coatings as a high performance finish. An overview of low temperature cure, UV cure and corresponding processes will be analyzed including how they fit into novel manufacturing techniques.

  • Ask Joe Powder

Not everything we endeavor works to plan so Joe Powder will be available to field your questions, comments and perplexities regarding powder coating technology. Joe writes a column that has appeared in Finishing Today, Metal Finishing, IndiaPowderCoatings, Asia Paint and Coatings Journal and Powder Coated Tough publications. Joe will do his best to point you in the right direction to solve your coating issues. This is an informal session so feel free to bring all your queries and challenges for Joe.


More about Kevin...


Mike Dilday 

FANUC America Corporation



  • Benefits of Robotic Paint for Liquid and Powder Coating

This session will focus on the various types of robots typically used for paint and powder coating, and the benefits associated with using flexible robotic automation.  We will discuss why certain robots are used for different types of applications and how material savings, higher transfer efficiencies, labor savings, and warranty reductions can all lead to a healthy return on investment.  Case studies and application videos will also be presented.


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More About Our Speakers:


Kevin Biller

Kevin began his career in powder coatings in 1978 at the Glidden Paint Company.  He held various technical positions during his 15 years there including Group Leader – Automotive Coatings, and Section Leader – European Laboratory while he worked in Birmingham, England for Glidden’s parent ICI Paints. 


Kevin left ICI to become the Development Manager for Herberts Powder Coatings in which he was responsible for advancing new technology. 


Since 1998 Kevin has been:

  • President of Wabash Powder Coatings
  • President/Owner of IRIS Powder Coatings, Inc. 
  • Vice President/General Manager for Jamestown Powder Coatings
  • Technical Editor of Finishing Today magazine
  • Technical Director for Hentzen Coatings


In 2007 Biller established the Powder Coating Research Group.  This R&D laboratory is a center of excellence for powder coating technology including coating evaluation, testing and product development.


Kevin has four US Patents in powder coating technology. He has delivered numerous papers and has written over 100 articles on industrial coatings.  He has published a handbook “Powder Coatings: Foundation for the Novice Formulator” in 2004 by BNP Media, Troy, MI.  He is the Technical Editor of Powder Coated Tough magazine and regularly writes a monthly column “Ask Joe Powder” for a number of publications.


Read Kevin's recent article, "Don't Blame the Powder" as seen in the January/February issue of Powder Coated Tough Magazine.



Mike Dilday

Mike Dilday is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and has 18 years of robotic paint experience at FANUC America as a sales account manager.